It has been four months since my last visit on this blog, bad IgamStyle, very bad smiley..

To summarise four months into one or two sentences; Came from France in January, started to work on my new facility manager position at Volvo Real Estate, which I LOVE. Have , finally, opened new webshop and registered company for my new ideas that I have, have bought one more car, BMW as well just SUV, puppy is growing and making our days soo funny.

Our little monkey smiley. In two weeks we are off to our summerhome in Alanya. Looking forward some rest.

So, back to Mark Twain.

To save my time, which I never have :), here is Mark Twains 9 tip for Living a Kick Ass Life!!! I can not other than agree with him.

May his brain rest in peace smiley