Not so many days left for our trip to Evian Les Bains.

We will stay at hotel Continental which look very beautiful with view over lake Geneva, which by the way I did not know that the lake was so big. We are staying at French side, since we are planning to spend days at Alps for skiing.

We have also 3 apartment viewings with local brokers, which was very hard to make bookings since all this apartments for sale are already rented out. So it all makes little harder to be allowed to see apartment inside. But we managed at least three viewings this time.

We will stay two weeks. Back at beginning of January. There is so much to doo now before the travel, that it really will be relief when we sit on the plane smiley. I will not go further into details at this moment but a lot , good stuff I hope, is happening in my life.

You need to close one door to be able to open the next. smiley

Here is some pictures from “our” town this time.. I hope it will rally be “our” during 2016 and that my dream come to realization.