You may think the grass is greener on the other side.
But if you take the time to water your own grass it would be just as green as your.

Society and the media enable our ability to constantly compare our lives to others, and while at times it’s admittedly fun to peek into someone else’s life just to be inspired, it can quickly become destructive.
With the more we see, if we’re not careful we can judge our own life by another’s who we know nothing about . . . except for what they want us to know. And that is when we get ourselves into trouble,rather than being envious of others and how they live and look, why not spend that time comparing and instead use it to create the life we’ve always dreamed about?

After all, each of us has the same 24 hours in a day. We can either sit and hope, or get up and do something that provokes the change we wish to see

If a simply luxurious life is what you are striving for that is unique to your talents, values and passions, below are 11 ways to to ensure that your life is one that will continue to leave you in awe and allow you to appreciate, not covet the life of anotherWhatever it is that makes you smile, lose track of time or breathe a huge sigh of relief, make a point to do this activity regularly.

Perhaps it’s a bubble bath on Sunday night prior to the week’s commencement, or maybe it’s a weekly coffee chat with a good friend, or better yet, a monthly weekend away to change up your routine. Whatever you crave, add it to your schedule and make it a priority to enjoy regularly

Subscribe to favorite publications.
As a reader, I look forward to the weekly arrival of my magazine and my monthly fashion magazines. It really does feel like a small present has arrived when I return home from work, and what better way to end the day than reading something you enjoy

Eliminate financial stressors
In order to live the life you want, you must have the funds to do so. So put a budget in place that will help you attain your goals and stick to it. One of the most freeing and liberating things you can do is to have financial independence and security

Foster and invest in just a handful of relationships
The overall theme of living a simply luxurious life is to focus on quality rather than quantity and that includes your relationships. We cannot possibly be well liked and loved by everyone if we are being true to ourselves. I defer to Winston Churchill’s quote, “You have enemies ? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” And we can’t possibly foster deep loving relationships if we are friends with everyone we meet.

Choose a handful of relationships that are most valuable to you and take the time and energy to invest yourself. Yes, you will be vulnerable, but there’s only one way to develop genuine, lasting relationships, and that is with time, effort and real love

Find daily exercise that invigorates you rather than feels like pulling teeth Regular exercise is good for the mind, as it has been proven to stave off neurological decline if done consistently, and it clearly is good for the body as it increases muscle mass which speeds up metabolism and also helps maintain flexibility which enables more agility.

Respect yourself and the life you want to live by prolonging the days you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Enjoy quality food, sit down to savor what’s been prepared and pair with lovely wine to capitalize on the flavors
Maintain good health so you can continue to pursue your dreams. Real food is a way to be respectful toward your body. Savor one piece of dark chocolate each night you don’t indulge in dessert. This is one of my favorite rituals, and if you’re choosing real chocolate from an actual chocolatier, one piece will be enough.

Trust me Schedule regular beauty appointments and care your skin, hair and body knowing it’s the vehicle that has to carry you through the rest of your life Attention to your beauty regimen is not a guilty pleasure, it is a necessity. There is a reason people look the way they do in their thirties and beyond, and it’s due to how they care for themselves – their bodies and their skin.

We’re fortunate to have the ability to live for a lengthy amount of time: understand this and respect your body along the way Cultivate conversation and comfort zones around your home and yard.

Choose comfortable seating that beckons one to sit, relax and stay awhile Whether you like to entertain or simply enjoy finding a cozy spot and getting lost in a good book, take the time to create and design areas which cultivate what you love to do.
Choose luxurious fabrics, add a beautiful, unique side table and lamp, style a lovely tray vignette and toss a soft, beckoning throw for the fall and winter Keep a journal

A wonderful way to end the day, record the events of the day or simple keep track of all that is going through your mind, a journal provides so many wonderful benefits.

Set goals and pursue them until accomplished Ultimately, being able to live the life you desire comes down to setting goals and staying focused on said goals until they are accomplished.

Ultimately, life is ours to design.

So while we should always look for inspiration outside of our regular day to day routine, be sure to use it as inspiration that helps you appreciate your own life even more…